AAG Peer Meeting in Birmingham

November 7-8, members of the Automation Alliance Group (AAG) gathered in Birmingham AL for a workshop on the topic of defining and communicating the members' respective value propositions and competitive differentiators.

As usual, the ultimate objective of the Peer Meeting was to learn from one another in an attempt of becoming better businesses. The one-a-half day workshop equipped the participants with a methodology that can be used to define and communicate their unique value proposition.

The meeting was facilitated by a group of third-party subject matter experts with a vast hands-on industry specific experience in clarifying and differentiating market position and value proposition. The participants agreed that the workshop was very well facilitated and was presented in a way that made the material helpful and meaningful.

Besides the main topic the meeting covered other agenda items, such as general business update, industry & technology trends, recent collaboration stories and other important issues.

Special thanks to AAG member Revere Control Systems for hosting the meeting and David Paden, COO with Revere, for an inspiring photo of the participants.

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