System Integrator Giants 2015 Award

SI_Giants_2015_border.jpgResults of 2015 System Integrator Giants rating are announced. Insist Avtomatika is honored to be on the 51st place in the ranking of the biggest engineering companies in the world.

CFE Media annually presents the rating on the basis of the research of all system integrators all over the world. The Giants list includes not only big companies with revenues of several million dollars, but also small-scale system integrators.

What makes all of these companies Giants is the size of their solutions. Solving big problems generates big improvement in the manufacturing process, which can be measured financially, and in terms of productivity and safety. The 2015 System Integrator Giants compete in level of solved problems and in size of improved production facilities.

This year's Giants rating takes into account not only financial and business information of the participants, but also their views on issues such as challenges that integration industry face, partnership with vendors and forecast for the future.

Read the full report on the results of the research at Control Engineering website.

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