The annual CSIA Executive Conference in Puerto Rico ended

22 of April was the last day of the annual CSIA Executive Conference in Puerto Rico, USA, which gathered about 500 business executives from around the world.

Insist Avtomatika participates in CSIA Conferences since 2002, when we were the first foreign company among US organizations and prompted the organizers to give CSIA international status. This year executives from 27 countries attended the Conference.

In his speech CSIA CEO Jose Rivera make a special mention of CSIA authority growth among customers and vendors. For instance, CSIA vendor members such as GE Intelligent Platforms, National Instruments, Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric, and Siemens, have incorporated CSIA certification into the requirements for their respective system-integrator partnership programs. Our company is already preparing for the fifth audit, which is scheduled for the next year.

In the final part of the Conference our friend and AAG partner Don Ulrich received CSIA Charlie Bergman "Remember Me" Award for his outstanding personal contribution to the development of the association. Congratulations!

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