Process Control System of a Central Processing Facility

Keywords: Oil and gas production, process control system, Siemens
Oil and Gas Production
Number of signals
Software and hardware
Customer’s Spheres of Activity
Construction and bringing into development of oil field
Facility Description
Capacity of the first train of the central processing facility makes up 1.6 million tons
Project Description
Peculiarities of the project:
  • Remote location
  • Implementation of decentralized control system, integrated with many related subsystems (technological subsystem, power system, fire safety, life necessities)
  • Assurance of maximum security
  • Redundancy of data communications networks and control loops of principal equipment
  • Minimization of manning level
  • Requirement to use maximally unified software and hardware


  • The company provided full range of automation services for oil treatment facilities on turnkey basis – starting from design, production and supply to startup and commissioning
  • High energy efficiency of the control system is guaranteed by application of variable frequency drives
  • High reliability of the control system was achieved by providing redundancy (controllers, industrial networks, I/O servers, user workstations are duplicated)
  • Redundancy of control loop actuating mechanisms 4-20 mA is organized via Modbus line
  • Implementation of Simatic PDM package and its integration with equipment produced by various suppliers
  • Process visualization with the help of HMI with functions of interactive learning and prompting messages for maintenance staff
  • Remote touch screen consoles allow performing control functions and changing settings
  • Optimization of data packages transmitted to the level of corporate management with the purpose of overcoming low capacity of satellite data transfer channel (less than 128 KB)

Advantages for the customer

  • Application of Simatic PDM allowed reducing implementation costs and ensured more effective use of existing instrumentation
  • Unification of requests and structure of transmitted data was performed jointly with suppliers of packaged equipment. This allowed optimization of the system structure and had a positive impact on system reliability
  • Report generation system allows customer's personnel to generate new reporting forms and is highly appreciated by the customer
  • Remote touch screen consoles implement all control functions of operator workstations
  • Optimization of process equipment operation modes: amount of equipment is reduced to a minimum but at the same time there is an opportunity to organize operation of several process loops/modes:
    - Treatment of oil pumped from well pads and its injection to the tanks
    - Oil delivery from temporary storage tanks to processing facility input
    - Transfer of processed oil to shore tanks of oil loading terminal
Oil treatment
Process Facilities
Raw material receiving unit
Separators, drain tank
Gas cleaning and liberation
Direct heater
Dehydration and desalting units
Reagent feeding unit
Nitrogen unit
Fire alarm system
Intrafield heating systems
Crude storage, flare facilities
Compressor and pump stations
Production Management Processes
Supervisory control
Production reports
Instrumentation monitoring and control system
Delivery of information to remote users