Process Control System of a Gas Condensate Field

Keywords: Oil and gas production, process control system, information system, Siemens, Schneider Electric
Oil and Gas Production
Number of signals
Software and hardware
Schneider Electric (SCADAPack)
Customer’s Spheres of Activity
Upstream and downstream
Facility Description
Gas resources: 250 billion cubic meters
Oil resources: 9 million tons
Gas well pads – 43
Number of wells per one well pad – 3-4
Gas main pipeline – 118 km
Gas gathering lines – 29.1 km
Complex gas treatment facility – 10 billion cubic meters
Project Description

The most important task of this project is system integration, consolidation of heterogeneous systems from different vendors into a single system.

Insist Avtomatika performed works on design, construction, delivery, and commissioning of process control systems for gas production, monitoring of energy complex, network infrastructure, data and information systems of gas production and transportation facilities on a turnkey basis.

An integrated system of automated reporting was implemented as part of information and control levels of the control system. Functional modules of operational technical reports of complex gas treatment facility, wells monitoring, pumping equipment operating time and material accounting module were also implemented.

Gas production Gas transport
Process Facilities
Gas well pads
Gas gathering line, gas pipelines
Complex gas treatment facilities
Compressor stations
Gas measuring stations
Crude storages
Water intake facilities
Fire-control units
Gas powered electrical generators
Power supply facilities
Production Management Processes
Supervisory control Production reports