Process Control System of an Oil Field

Keywords: Oil and gas production, process control system, fire safety control system, power supply control systems and information systems, Emerson, Schneider Electric
Oil and Gas Production
Number of signals
Software and hardware
Emerson (Delta V)
Schneider Electric (SCADAPack)
Customer’s Spheres of Activity
Geological exploration, development and operation of oil fields
Facility Description
Giant oil field in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. Reserves of the field are difficult to recover. Besides, administration of the district rates this field as a territory subject to special procedures of subsurface resources management, which means that more strict environmental safety rules are applicable.
Project Description
Completed works:
  • Design
  • Panels fabrication
  • Commissioning of process control system, automated fire safety control system, power supply control systems, and information systems.
Oil production process control system is designed to carry out the following tasks:
  • Acquisition of information on operation of process equipment of the well pads including data from ESP controllers and electricity meters and transfer of the information to the level of operative control
  • Supervisory monitoring and control of the process and well equipment including monitoring and remote control of ESPs from operator workstations
  • Maintenance of process mode of well pads facilities (interlocks of process equipment of the well pad facilities and units) according to the process procedures
  • Recording and storage of data with time tags in the real time database Wonderware Historian. In case of communication failures data can be recovered with the help of Remote IDAS service (store-and-forward mode)
  • Acquisition of production data for analysis and reports generation
  • Data transfer to the software complex (MES level)

The system has a functionally and geographically distributed structure. The level of control stations includes well pads control stations that provide acquisition of data on operation of well equipment and ESPs and use BWA to transfer data to the SCADA level and receive commands and settings.

The SCADA level of the system includes:
  • Operator and supervisor workstations
  • User workstations (engineering personnel)
  • Real time database
  • Intranet portal of process information
  • Report portal
  • Support equipment (I/O servers, domain controllers, network equipment, uninterruptible power supplies)

The SCADA level provides data processing, storage and transfer to MES and ERP systems.

Process control system for oil production allows obtaining the following benefits:
  • Improved quality and safety of facilities operation
  • Monitoring and control of power resources
  • Reduced downtime and losses, improved environmental conditions on site
  • Quicker response and improved efficiency of operator’s actions
  • Improved reliability and operability of facilities

Oil production
Oil treatment
Oil transportation
Process Facilities
Well pads
Group metering units
Oil and gas collecting systems
Oil pipelines
Gas pipelines
Pump stations
Central oil gathering plants
Well pad pump stations
Custody transfer facilities
Automated fire extinguishing units
Power supply facilities
Production Management Processes
Supervisory control
Oil metering
Operative production reports