Process Control System of an Oil Refinery

Keywords: Oil treatment, Process control system, Emerson, Schneider Electric
Number of signals
up to 10000
Software and hardware
Emerson (Delta V)
Schneider Electric (SCADAPack)
1996-1997 (1st stage), 2004-2006 (2nd stage), 2013 – till present (retrofitting)
Customer’s Spheres of Activity
Oil and gas production and refining, petrochemistry, oil products trading
Project Description

Complex modernization of process control systems of an oil refinery on a turnkey basis.

The company carried out works on design, production, procurement, startup and development of process control systems and information systems.

Project timeline:

1996-1997 Process control system for the first stage of motor fuel plant. Design, startup (RS3 Fisher Rosemount)

1997 Process control system for products pipe line Motor fuel plant–Fuel base, Airport. Design, supply, startup (SCADAPack, WW InTouch)

2004-2005 Process control system for the second stage of motor fuel plant. Design, supply, startup (DeltaV Emerson Process Management)

2004 Process video surveillance system of refinery. Design, supply, startup

2004 Process control system for fire-fighting automatic system of oil refinery. Design, supply, startup

2004-2005 Process data acquisition and transfer to the level of oil refinery management. Design, supply, startup (WW InSQL, MS Office)

2013-2014 Modernization of the first stage process control system

Primary processing of crude oil
Fuel production (diesel, gasoline, jet engine fuel)
Bitumen production
Oil products transportation
Process Facilities
Crude vacuum unit
Vacuum column unit and bitumen unit
Furnace block
Stock tanks
Product pipelines
Hydrorefining unit
Reforming unit
Site utilities
Fire protection complex
Production Management Processes
Supervisory control
Production reports