Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (ISA-SIKN)

Lease automatic custody transfer system (ISA-SIKN) is designed for commercial oil custody transfer automation.

ISA-SIKN can be supplied as a standalone system or as part of commercial oil metering stations supplied by partners of Insist Avtomatika.

ISA-SIKN has been developed in compliance with current requirements for lease automatic custody transfer systems and current norms and regulations. Today the system is successfully used by Russian oil companies. ISA-SIKN has a certificate of algorithms metrological attestation and a certificate issued by Gossstandart of Russia confirming the type of lease automatic custody transfer system (LACT).

Insist Avtomatika can provide services for metrological attestation of LACT and obtain a certificate confirming the type of a single LACT.

ISA-SIKN fulfills the following tasks:
  • Remote monitoring and control of LACT and crude oil delivery and acceptance station from operator workstations
  • Process protections and interlocks
  • Oil commercial accounting using the LACT (data acquisition, regulation, functional control, interlocks) according to operating procedures
  • Information archiving for further analysis and reporting
  • Data transfer to related systems
ISA-SIKN is a fully functional system designed for:
  • Automatic oil commercial accounting
  • Informational support of processes of oil transfer in the main pipelines system
  • Data transfer via communication channels into the process automation system of receiving company basing on integration into the existing telemetry system
  • Presentation of information about leaks in tie-in pipeline
  • Reporting documentation in compliance with current norms
  • Increased accuracy of measuring and process parameters regulation
  • Quicker response and increased labour efficiency
  • Increased reliability of process automation system of the facility
ISA-SIKN provides monitoring and control of LACT in the following operation modes:
  • Routine commercial oil accounting mode
  • Mode of verification and checking of measuring devices
  • Mode of emergency shutdown of LACT and/or tie-in pipeline