Integrated Process Control Systems

Integrated process control system of an oil field includes control systems of individual process facilities (oil and gas production shops, formation pressure maintenance, oil/gas transportation, well pad facilities – central oil gathering plant, operations base, gas turbine power station, etc.)

All process control systems are independent full-function systems and are based on solutions that enable integration of these systems into the single system of oil production, treatment and transportation.

Main data transfer channels serve as the single basis for integration of automated process control systems.

All subsystems of a process control system are based on common approach ensuring uniformity of technical solutions. The systems are created on the basis of standard hardware/software and open technologies that provide state-of-the-art solution of automation tasks, integration with allied systems and local subsystems, scalability and protection of investments during further operation and retrofitting.

An integrated process control system of an oil field comprises the following levels of control:
  • Upper level – level of supervisory monitoring and control. This level deals with acquisition, processing and transfer of information related to operation of all field facilities and supervisory control performed from the central operator room of the field. Some functions of supervisory control are carried out from the central (remote) office of the company.
  • Middle level – field subsystems: production, formation pressure maintenance, treatment, field oil piping, power supply. This level provides visualization of information about the process flow and generation of operating control commands from operator workstations located in operator rooms of facilities (central oil gathering plant, pump stations, gas-turbine power station).
  • Lower level – process equipment. This level is designed for direct interaction with the process by means of control stations and panels as well as local control systems located in control points and equipment rooms in close proximity to the process equipment.

Control systems integration is provided on the level of production planning department of the company which is in charge of production planning and monitoring of production departments operation.

The upper level of an integrated process control system is based on ISA-INFO solution.