Local Control Systems

Insist Avtomatika LLC has long-term experience in creation of automation systems for packaged process equipment.

Automation systems ensure standalone operation of packaged equipment with all required protections and interlocks and provide possibility of integration into process control system of process facilities. Automation systems are developed on the basis of widely applied software and hardware of leading automation vendors. Selected software and hardware are approved by Customer.

Insist Avtomatika offers standard control systems for various types of process equipment as well as individually developed systems that meet Customer’s specific requirements.

Insist Avtomatika offers standard automation solutions:
  • Automation system of oil heaters ISA-PPN-DSKM
  • Automation system of line oil heaters ISA-PP-DSKM
  • Automation system ISA-UPN-UPSV for modular central processing facilities and preliminary water discharge units CPF-1000, CPF-3000

All equipment has GOST-R conformance certificates and permission for application issued by Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. The Company has a long-term experience of successful implementation and operation of automation systems on oil fields of several oil companies.

Insist Avtomatika LLC offers development of automation systems for packaged equipment:
  • Automation system of process heaters
  • Automation system of group metering units
  • Automation system of modular pump stations (oil pump stations and modular well pad pump stations of formation pressure maintenance system)
  • Automation system of heated oil-gas-water separator

Automation systems are developed according to specification requirements provided by the Customer and vendor of packaged equipment.

The Company has experience of successful collaboration with process equipment vendors:
  • ZUMK-Trade LLC, Perm
  • GMS Neftemash JSC, Tyumen (Group metering unit Mera, oil pump stations, modular well pad pump stations)
  • OZNA company (Group metering unit OZNA-Massomer, modular well pad pump stations)
  • Elektron Pilot Plant JSC, Tyumen (Group metering unit Elektron)