Automatic System of Compressor Station (ISA-KS)

Process control system of compressor station ISA-KS is designed to perform the following functions:
  • Remote monitoring and control of process and equipment of compressor station from operator workstation
  • Automatic control of process equipment (adjustment, functional and group control, interlocks) according to regulations
  • Acquisition of data about compressor station process equipment and transfer to supervisory control level
  • Integration with related systems and packaged automation equipment
  • Acquisition and backup of data about compressor station for further analysis and generation of reports
ISA-KS provides:
  • Improvement of process quality thanks to continuous monitoring of the facility
  • Improvement of staff efficiency
  • Improvement of facility control reliability and safety
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Ecological safety at the facility
  • Reduction of unplanned shutdowns, incidents, out-of-service time

ISA-KS has an open architecture that makes possible development of the system, expansion of its functionality depending on technological features of compressors produced by various suppliers (Elliott, Dresser Rand, HAFI, ТАКАТ, etc.), addition of various auxiliary systems, connection with related systems, and integration into control systems of the facility based equipment from Honeywell, Emerson, Yokogawa, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and other vendors.

By agreement with customer, ISA-KS can be assembled in several versions and can include:
  • Control stations of local systems and regulators
  • Local control panels
  • Control stations of auxiliary systems
  • Operator and engineering workstations, server equipment, etc.
Control stations of local systems and regulators include primary control systems for compressor:
  • Local regulator of process parameters
  • Antisurge controller
  • Mechanical equipment monitoring system (vibration, axial deflection)
Local control panel implements functions of local control and monitoring. Control station of auxiliary systems provides control over various workshop servicing units, directly connected to compressor operation:
  • Gas treatment
  • Gas air cooling unit
  • Nitrogen utilities
  • Gas seal control system
  • Oil system
  • Other facilities
ISA-KS is connected with sensors, plantwide distributed control system and related control systems of such facilities as flare unit, diesel power stations, power facilities and others via process network. Process network level supports industry standards for data exchange – Industrial Ethernet, Profibus, Fieldbus, ControlNet, RS-xxx and standard data exchange protocols – Modbus RTU/TCP, Profibus DP and others. Process network can have ring structure.

Operator workstations and report server communicate with control station using Ethernet via OPC protocol.