On April 21, a scheduled meeting

On April 21, a scheduled meeting of AAG partners took place in a teleconference format. Participants shared their experience in a pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis. Companies retained leading positions in their industries, especially since the crisis did not affect the food, pharmacological industry and the production of mineral fertilizers. All AAG participants actively use software platforms for remote work - (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) both within teams and for communication with customers. Participants noted that the governments of developed countries provide serious economic support: soft loans (at 1% in Italy), direct payments to the dismissed ($ 500 per week for 16 weeks in Canada). In Australia, when the company's revenue falls by 30%, each employee of the company is paid $ 1,500 every two weeks for 6 months. In the United States, in addition to the well-known payment of $ 1,200 to companies, a non-refundable grant of free assignment in the amount of approximately 10% of annual revenue is transferred.