Panels Fabrication

Insist Avtomatika has its own fabrication shop that enables production of up to 500 control panels and electrical panels a year.

High-quality components are used for equipment fabrication; reserves of components are stored in stock for fabrication of standard equipment.

Close cooperation is maintained with leading automation software and hardware vendors. Fabrication shop of the company regularly goes through vendor and customer audits and proves compliance with the most stringent requirements.

Production facilities of the company include a metrology service and other facilities required for factory acceptance testing of the systems. Calibration and assessment of measuring channels of fabricated control stations can be carried out.

The company has conformance certificates and fire safety certificates for standard control panels.

Insist Avtomatika builds panels for process control systems it designs and can also produce control panels to client’s prints.

The company’s design department provides engineering and design review to assure the panels produce the required results.

For a better understanding of fabrication process, view our video on panels fabrication.