Conference of young scientists “Automation, Mechatronics, Information Technologies”

May 16, 2018 the VIII International scientific and research internet conference of young scientists “Automation, Mechatronics, Information Technologies” (AMIT) took place. The conference was organized within the framework of the international innovative and educational project Sinergy in the form of remote access.

Sergey Faruntsev, consultant of Insist Avtomatika LLC delivered the report “Opportunities for Improving Efficiency of Oil Treatment Processes through Industrial Automation”. The report presented results of research and suggestions for simulation and advanced control of oil treatment facilities developed jointly with Andrey Perminov, consultant of Insist Avtomatika LLC.

In particular, the report included general description of the smart field concept as the idea of the Industry 4.0 revolution in the oil and gas sector. The authors formulated the problems relating to field automation systems for the processes of oil preparation for transportation and demonstrated opportunities to improve operational efficiency of oil treatment facilities by implementing advanced control systems.
The experts noted that collaboration of industrial engineering companies, academic researchers and young professionals well-versed in smart control systems, mathematical simulation and industrial processes could be key to solving the above mentioned issues. The report included a case study demonstrating first successes of such collaboration.
Example of an APC System

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