Process Control System of Boiler-Utilizer KGT-20 PGP12RM

Keywords: Heat and power engineering, electrical power engineering, infrastructure, process control system, AutomationDirect, Schneider Electric
Heat and Power Engineering, Infrastructure
Software and hardware
Schneider Electric (Wonderware)
Customer’s Spheres of Activity
Chemical industry
Facility Description
1 boiler-utilizer KGT-20 for power generation plant PGP12RM.

Boiler-utilizer KGT-20 is designed for recovery of exhaust fume heat from gas-turbine unit GTU-6RM and GTU-8RM and generation of superheated vapor used during production process.
Project Description
The project included re-equipment of process control system of the boiler-utilizer KGT-20 at power generation plant PGP12RM.

The boiler-utilizer is located in industrial building of the power generation plant.

The system has functionally distributed multilevel structure that includes:
  • Operator workstation with operator interface
  • Boiler control station
  • Existing marshalling cabinet

The system was built on DL405 AutomationDirect controller and Wonderware software.