Process Control System of Crude Oil Delivery and Acceptance Stations (ISA-PSP)

ISA-PSP solution is designed for control of crude oil delivery and acceptance stations, including tank oil metering in compliance with requirements of main regulatory documents related to fiscal metering and transfer of tank oil to main pipeline.

ISA-PSP performs the following functions:
  • Acquisition of parameter values that describe condition of processes of tank oil treatment, transfer and acceptance to the main pipelines system
  • Acquisition and/or calculation of integral and average values of process parameters over a period of time (2 hours, a shift, a day)
  • Generation of commercial documentation (oil quality certificate, oil delivery and acceptance certificates, delivery and acceptance certificate by routing cables, registers, etc.)
  • Transfer of process information to related systems of receiving organizations
  • Remote control of actuating mechanisms
  • Storage of process parameters values in industrial database
  • Organization of WEB-access to process and reporting information
ISA-PSP consists of the following components:
  • PSP operator workstation
  • PSP control station
  • PSP communication server
  • PSP real time database management server
  • ISA-SIKN – Lease automatic custody transfer system (LACT)
Data communications network of ISA-PSP consists of two separate segments:
  • Process network
  • Control network

Process network provides data exchange between PSP control stations and control stations of related control systems supplied by Insist Avtomatika. Process network is created on the basis of Industrial Ethernet protocol. Modbus RTU is used as an application protocol.

Control network ensures information exchange between PSP communication server and
control systems of oil and gas production enterprise and oil pipeline
companies. Ethernet network is used as the control network.